If you’re looking to make a move to a new company, you can scour the job sites and message boards in hopes of finding that perfect opening. However, this can take forever, especially if you’re a busy professional whose job search is limited to nights and weekends after work. Luckily there are new ways to find openings within your industry — headhunters. If you’ve never used one of these professionals before to help you find a new job, learn how you can connect with one to speed up your search.

Ask Friends If They Used A Headhunter

If you have friends from school who are actively employed in your industry, ask them if headhunters helped them with their employment search. If they had a positive experience, you can ask them to help you connect. Take care, however, not to advertise that you’re looking to make an employment change at your own company. If the higher-ups find out that you’re trying to leave, you may face problems at work. Consider letting just one or two trusted coworkers know, but if you’re not sure if they will keep the information confidential, it’s best not to share.

Try To Find An Industry Specific Headhunter With An Internet Search

The Internet is a great way to find headhunters. To make sure you’re https://www.mbmc.at/ looking for someone relevant to your industry, search the term alongside any industry related terms. When these two keywords are combined, you’ll be able to find someone who can help you find a position in your specific industry or one that matches your skill set. After all, it doesn’t make any sense to look for someone who focuses on filling IT jobs if you’re looking for an executive position. Using the right type of headhunter can shorten your job search and this is something that job seekers can certainly appreciate.

Connect With Headhunters Through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the premier networking site for busy professionals. If you’ve never used it before, create a profile that highlights your past work experience and positions. This will help you connect with other professionals within your industry, but don’t stop there. Look for headhunters who have active profiles and ask to join their networks. Oftentimes, a headhunter will post open positions or imme

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