Construction fasteners are those that are used in the construction business. These fasteners include thousands of variety of screws, nuts, bolts, pins, and hinges. Construction fasteners can be custom made and are also available in the retail as well as wholesale market. Traditionally, fasteners that are used for construction purposes are heavy and sturdy compared to deck fasteners or normal screws and bolts.

Construction fasteners are used for commercial, residential, and  industrial purposes. Every type of construction requires fasteners, from small house to a large factory. Many inventions and innovations have changed the way fasteners are used in the construction business and new types of fasteners such as self drilling screws that are corrosion resistant are used galore in the construction business.

Fasteners are usually selected based on their function and the material that is to be fastened. This means that a fastener required for joining two wooden beams is different from a fastener that is used for fastening steel rods. Other factors that determine the selection of a fastener are – application, body design, diameter of the body of a fastener, thread type, material, and drive types.

It is important that a construction fastener meets the requirements and quality standards laid down by the government. The tensile strength and the shear values should be accurately determined to avoid any breakage or untimely fatigue failure of the machinery or construction in which the fastener is to be used. Fasteners that are used in construction of a scientific or biological laboratory need to fulfill the requirements that are necessary for the safety of the crew that work in the lab.

Fasteners have become an integral part of our lives and are indispensable in almost every industry. Fasteners are used in almost every object that a person sees around him. The indispensability of fasteners is truly realized when we observe that all the machines, factories, vehicles,

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